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Spring Concert to the inemigrants, executed by Banda Cittadina Comunale

A traditional Spring Concert has been played on June the 9th in Arsie' by the Banda Comunale. It's been dedicated to the inemigrants who left from that shire. Five people from Brazil attended the event; they had come to know the original places their ancestors left from.

Major Mr Ivano Faoro and the (consigliere) of Regione Veneto for the Migration Flows Mr Oscar De Bona gave a present to the representatives of the inemigrantes who left on the late 1800. Egidio Dall'Agnol returned the gift by giving the shirt of the Sport Clube Internacional di Porto Alegre (Rio Grande do Sul, Brasile), Fifa interclub world champion.

The citizens of all of the shire attended the event, as well as civil and army representatives.

Banda cittadina di ArsiŤ Sindaco ed brasilian guest

Last modified: 10/06/2007